New Facebook Exploit

September 10, 2012 at 7:24 AM

New Facebook Exploit


17.7 million.

This is the amount of virus definitions files that some major anti-virus manufacturer’s claim are circulating the net.


800 million.

This is the amount of active Facebook users. 

Combine the two and it’s no wonder that social networking sites, like Facebook, are a prime target for security threats.


Beware of Links

There is a recent Facebook exploit to guard against and it can spread through nearly every chat service out there. Unlike other security risks, this one is unique because it can spread through multiple IM services like Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger and Skype to name a few. It comes in the form of a link to a video or pic. 

The title appears like “” If you click on it or accept it, the botnet installs in your computer and begins spamming all your contacts via your chat accounts. Once this malware is on your PC, it’s ready to receive and act on messages sent from a remote attacker.


Security Solutions

A simple way to protect yourself is to avoid clicking on any links you get from an instant message, or you can message your friend first to ensure she really sent you the message with a link. Once your friend verifies the message and link, click away. 

For total peace of mind, you might want to consider installing an anti-virus security application that prevents accidental infections via IM chats. You can find many different options that also include protection against other kinds of threats like spyware, poisoned web pages and hacker prevention, but it depends on your needs and wallet.


For more information on this recent Facebook exploit, click here:

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