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Cyber Crime Ignorance is as Big a Problem as Cyber Crime Itself

December 10, 2013 at 10:26 AM

Would you intentionally leave your wallet on open display on your office desk and walk away?  Would you leave it on your car dashboard and go into work? No, you hide it, you secure it, you keep it safe.

Perhaps it’s because it’s more tangible, but business leaders, both small and large continue to underestimate the threat to their very existence from Cyber crime.

Let’s remember, Cybercrime has gone underground.  Viruses have not been visible for years.  The intention is not to see how fast you can propagate a virus around the world via email, the threat continues to be fair more sinister.  Terrorism, fraud, money laundering. 

You only have to be a fan of Breaking Bad when a Latvian Cyber criminal uses zombie devices to generate false donations to launder drug money to see how real this threat continues to be.

Yet, out of site seems to be out of mind for a lot of companies. 

Organisations who fail to recognise the threat posed by cyber crime are putting the livelihoods of staff and customers at serious risk, and those organisations that regularly suffer breaches need to be held accountable.

The amount of small businesses/agencies that work for larger corporations as contractors and yet both the larger organisations and the smaller businesses/agencies themselves fail to take the correct steps to secure their devices, their network and their client’s data is staggering.

A recent report from the UK Government and Home Office has revealed that companies are not accounting for cyber risks when making strategic decisions, with only 14 per cent of firms putting in processes to address cyber threats. As a result, the Government is working to develop an official ‘cyber standard’ which will help stimulate the adoption of good cyber security practices amongst business.

This is a very poor, yet unsurprising picture when it comes to attitudes towards cyber security. A lot of organizations are very arrogant when it comes to the idea of cyber risk – they believe they are untouchable, are to small or to big, have done enough. In the event they are breached, attacks are not being reported; therefore pulling the wool over the eyes of customers into thinking everything is fine.

Recently, Adobe had 38 million customer accounts breached – that is a staggering number and for a company of Adobe’s size and stature, this is simply not acceptable and it is the customer which suffers.

Hacking, cyber criminals and security breaches are not going to go away and those organizations who continually turn a blind eye to threats or simply brush the fallout under the carpet and stay hush-hush, benefit no one and are incredibly foolish.

In order for cyber crime to be taken seriously, unfortunately it would seem to be the case that someone needs to be made a serious example of.  Maybe it will take a business closing its doors as a result of losing client data for this to be taken seriously.  

It has to be taken seriously by both the business affected and the customers affected by it.  Perhaps if serial offenders who had not taken adequate steps to protect themselves and their clients could be prosecuted for aiding and abetting cyber crime, people would step up and actually realize their lack of action and arrogance is continuing to justify the activities of cyber criminals.

Why would cyber criminals keep using malware to infect devices, why aren’t cyber criminals going out of business?  Because business owners and leaders are lazy and complacent.  They are effectively aiding crime and maybe, one day, will be held accountable for not being part of the solution.

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